A Day for Thanks & for Stuffing

I have so many wonderful things to be thankful for this and every time of year. I could write a list 10 pages long of all the things in my life I appreciate. The most important thing though is the people in my life. Friends, family, acquaintances, colleagues, clients, neighbors, my garbage truck driver or mail carrier...every last one of them make my life unique and shape the course of my day. For that I am so thankful!

I hope your day is filled with love, laughter and stuffing! Happy Thanksgiving!

Reimagining Pumpkins

It is officially fall and in the last few weeks I have shot pumpkin spice recipes, pumpkin pie recipes, pumpkin pancake recipes and most recently pumpkin fry recipes. Sometimes my biggest challenge is how to change up my next batch of shots.

Here is my take away from this shoot - Use Your Imagination! For this series I went with highlighting ingredients instead of final products. I got really excited about pulling in random circles and I found a great surface under one of my living room plants. Maybe not the most memorable pictures I ever took but at least they were different.

Trip to The Larches

A few weeks ago I set out to photograph the changing of the Larch trees here in Washington State. In case you don’t know (because I had no idea) the larch trees are these spectacular pines that grow at elevations above 5,000 feet, in Washington they can be found at Rainy Day Pass or in The Enchantments.  Well worth adding to your fall hiking plans you just may have to wait till next year!

The images were taken for a feature in Actively Northwest, powered by Life wise of Washington.

Trusting Myself & Just Doing

This past weekend I picked up a last minute portrait session - completely unplanned! Now my personality is such that I love to wing things but in recent years I have had to become a planner. I walk into every shoot with an idea of what I want. I know what kind of backgrounds will be there, where the light will be, if it will rain or be sunny, how long it will take, how many shots I will get and what I HAVE to walk away with.

This weekend I picked a spot I had never shot before and I trusted myself to make pictures. It was awesome! I somehow flourish in making images on the fly, not over thinking and just doing makes me feel way more creative than if I plan everything in advance. I will have to remember to do it again soon!

Changing with Fall

A few weeks ago I shot the ABC's of fall produce. I love projects like this because I am able to think about the project as a whole including layout, color, season and overall tone, food and ultimately how the images will all interact together.  Initially I was all set to make a very farm table fall look but I fell in love with how the blue background looked with the pumpkins and shallots so I changed direction. My takeaway was to never fear moving away from your original idea: if you have fun and like what you make you are growing as an artist. 

To see the see full article for some ideas of what to do with all this great fall produce check it out here. http://www.activelynorthwest.com

One More Shot

I love shooting portraits of real people. It always feels like the ultimate challenge to make an images of someone that shows a glimpse into who they are. I always start with the tricks I know  but in the end after I think I have the shot, I always try one more thing to push us both outside of our comfort zone. In this case I think it was a success! 

Run This City

The best part of my job is not  just taking the pictures but getting to meet my community. This running your first half-marathon guide posted by Actively Northwest had a few of my favorites in it. Jori, is the stellar writer, who also runs this really great blog about her Northwest Adventures; Beth of Running Evolution is a Rockstar Running Coach - seriously if you have ever even considered running she is your girl and Rachel Leftwich my model is killing it on the running scene here in Seattle. Cheers to all you amazing ladies!

LifeWise Kitchen Shoot - A Few Quick Tips

Every few months I shoot these delicious recipes for a client of mine and these lovely pictures were just posted. Seeing it now everything looks great but going into this shoot I was a little uncertain how I was going to make 12 images out of a four step recipe. 

To remedied the situation we worked as a team to brainstorm ways to bulk out our shot list. First we made certain to have real salmon so that we could dice and dust multiple pieces, we separated each of our ingredients into different shots and then we carefully selected props that could help tie the images together and create extra shots. Finally, we added the simple salad to the final image for color.

My biggest take aways were this:

  1. Rely on your team and work together. A few minds are always better than one!
  2. Plan, plan, plan! Because we had the pre-shoot brainstorming session we had a grilll on hand and an extra long salmon to cut.

The recipe can be found here: http://www.activelynorthwest.com/food/lifewise-kitchen-salmon-recipe/


The Beginning

One of the most important things about being creative is that you can't operate in a vacuum. Ideas are meant to be shared, talked about and used to inspire new ideas.

This blog is an extension of  the blog I share with Apple Water Creative just a little more photography focused. As much as I intend to share projects I am working on, I hope to provide you with a few useful tips along the way to improve your own photography. 

Feed back, comments and guest posts are always welcome!