Secret Weapon - Ego, Feeling Good and Patience

Three years ago is when my journey started. For me my secret weapon is composed of ego, feeling good and being patient. Going to the gym can be an ego thing and being judged is what I feared the most but I was only judging myself. Weight loss does not teach you how to deal with your real battles you have to do that on your own. I wanted to prove everyone wrong and that I could do it, when all along I needed to believe in myself and believe it that I could do it. After finding an exercise routine I liked and learning I could do it and feel good that kept pushing me for more.

These days, after suffering a head injury my new secret weapon is patience. Patience with myself, everyday life, slowing down, being mindful to myself. I know with patience to recovery and getting back to “where I use to be” will take time.. It won’t happen overnight like my weight loss or my strides in yoga or running my first 5k. I have to be patience and know its not a race. I am already here.
— Rita - Yogi, sister, daughter and giver

Secret Weapon - Staying Grounded

Secret weapons for me include: reading, eating a nutritious diet, and spending time with my husband and friends. These things keep me grounded, happy, and motivated to do the things that I love. I have a family history of diabetes and by taking care of myself I am doing my part in wanting to live a healthy life.
— Emma

Secret Weapon - Inspiring others with my fitness journey

My Secret Weapon is Inspiring others through my fitness journey. Three years ago my doctor told me I had to get my life in order. I have been documenting this journey on my facebook page and the support and encouragement I have received from people has really helped motivate me. More importantly, I have been able to inspire others to start their own fitness journey and that keeps me pushing! Learning how to balance for food and fitness without a crazy diet has been the real journey. It has been motivating for me to be able to help others because everyone has days when they don’t want to go to the gym but you just have to get there.
— Natalie - Housemanager, Nanny

Secret Weapon- Being Ready for Life

My Secret Weapon is being ready for life. Between my four children I started running because I needed some way to take off the weight. Since having my children and now my grandchildren, I developed a desire to remain active so I can live life to it’s fullest. Four active kids is a lot to keep up with and my active lifestyle helps me maintain balance of mind, body and spirit. I usually have some kind of goal. It keeps me motivated because I know when I cross the starting line I had better be ready.

Secret Weapon - A Mother Who Poisoned Herself

My Secret Weapon is that I grew up with a mother who poisoned herself with drugs and alcohol. I never knew her to be sober. She also had a terrible relationship with food and took on a variety of eating disorders. At the age of 38 she passed away due to her alcoholism and malnutrition, I was 16. Growing up in that environment made me incredibly self-motivated to say the least!! For along time I suppressed a lot of my feeling about this but when I had my daughter Venice that all changed. You have to face tough things to get through them. Now I am finishing a program for Integrative Health Coaching so I can help others. I think I have always had the internal drive to share all of this, the body can heal itself if given the right tools.
— Rebecca - Mother & Integrative Health Coach

Secret Weapon - 50 "Boy Push ups"

50- Boy Push-ups” - no problem! My Secret Weapon is Sara at Sync Fitness. I’m stronger than I have ever been because of Sync. I’ve been here 3.5 years and am still going strong. The other key to success is water. I drink 120 oz a day and I’m always hydrated and never have headaches!
— Megan- Event Planner, Softball Coach & Beer drinker

Secret Weapon - Family

Our Secret Weapons are each other, our family, and a desire to be healthy. We lost both of our parents to cancer at a young age and our brother has been fighting cancer over the last 18 months. We know how precious life is and focusing on working out and eating well is very important. Finding an accepting and encouraging environment at Sync Fitness has made it easier to commit to a healthy lifestyle. It has been fun and inspiring to be able to look across the room during a work out and see each other giving 110%. We are very lucky to have siblings and nephews who support us and encourage us. Oh, and we may have an obsession with water bottles…staying hydrated is our final secret weapon :)
— Lilly & Ali

Secret Weapon - Healthy Baked Goods

My Secret Weapon is planning, preparation and finding ways to eat what I want in a healthy way. After coaching others for a few years I realized the nutrition part is the hardest. Most diet plans are black and white but there are so many delicious foods that can be substituted. I have a ridiculous sweet tooth (I could eat cake for dinner), and over the years I’ve come up with recipes that include protein, natural sugar substitutes, and plant based fats. This means I get to ‘have my cake and eat it too…sometimes two! I love to cook and because of my sweet tooth my puzzle to solve is how to make the best no gluten, high protein baked good.
— Samara - Entrepreneur, Fitness & Nutrition Coach/Instructor, Stepmom/Wife/Sister

Secret Weapon - The Number 60

My Secret Weapon is the number 60. In December of this year I turn 60 and I have made that number stand for a turning point in my life. I want to enter the next phase, healthy, vibrant and engaged in life. Part of that is getting my active life back that slipped away while I was raising kids and focusing on my family over taking care of myself.

In the past year I have gone from not exercising at all to working out 4 to 5 times per week. I have lost 20 pounds and I have gained strength, energy and enthusiasm for life. I hang the number 60 in my home office and look at it as I get organized for the next day, motivating me to not give up. It keeps me going and reminds me that I have control over my life, not the number.
— Cynthia- Artist, Mother and Architect

Secret Weapon - My Mind

My Secret Weapon is my mind. I can push myself to get through anything if I put my mind to it. Endurance sports are a battle between body and mind. Your body can keep going even when your mind convinces you can’t go another step.
— Jackie; Nurse, Ironman Finisher, friend & athlete
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— Hope K.

Secret Weapon - Life and Balance

I have two secret weapons - one is my “wellness wheel” and the other is my experience with cancer. Cancer has taught me that life can be fragile. I am motivated to be healthy because I want to experience life to the fullest. I use my “wellness wheel” as a tool to stay balanced physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. My goal is to review each category weekly at the very least to see if or where I can make adjustments. I try my best to follow my own advice as a wellness coach to not take on too much, use a trial and correction approach and celebrate successes.
— Kristin - Wellness Devotee and Advocate; Owner, Lifestyle Wellness Coaching

Secret Weapon - Being a role model

My Secret Weapons are my daughters, Adele and Kaya. They are a strong reason why I work so hard to live a healthy life all around – both modeling healthy behavior for them and, as an older parent, staying healthy and active so we can be active with them.
— Dana - Mother, Biker & Owner of Kaidel Sportswear, Inc.

Secret Weapon - Produce Delivery

My Secret Weapon is the box of organic produce I have delivered to my doorstep every week. I live to eat and luckily I love to cook - so in order to stay healthy and keep my weight in check I cook a TON of veggies! Having the box delivered means I always have some produce on hand so there are no excuses. It also inspires me to try things!
— Jane- Parent of two teenage sons

Secret Weapon - Training for a Cause

My Secret Weapon is setting long-term goals and training for a cause. I worked for a cancer center for a long time. People are trying to figure out how to pay for their life - while fighting for their life. Supporting a cause keeps me motivated and lets me help. To date I have raised over $20,000 for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.
— Stacy - Trainer, Health Coach & Owner of ModBody Fitness

Secret Weapon - Sparkling Water

My Secret Weapon is Sparkling Water! I started drinking it when I was trying to cut sugary beverages (pop) out of my life. It is the perfect “fun” version of water!
— Serena - Auntie & University Administrator

Secret Weapon - My Reading Glasses

My secret weapon is my reading glasses. I use them to read food labels, recipes, blogs, magazine articles and Pinterest pins. I read about where sugar is hiding (which is pretty much everywhere, by the way) and how to decipher ingredient lists. I read about the effects that diet soda have on your body and boy! am glad I’ve never been hooked on the stuff. At first I’d spend hours at the grocery store because I was reading every label and laboring over making the best choices. I have read and learned so much over the last several months and it has changed the way I eat and how I feel.
— Jane - NPR Junkie
I turned 50 last year and decided I was fed up with my achy, creaky knees and just generally feeling middle aged and tired. I needed to kick my own ass. I started working with a personal trainer and graduated to boot camp several times a week at SyncFitness. That got me out of my work out rut, but I knew that exercise was only part of the equation and that what I put into my pie hole would be equally if not more important if I wanted to feel better.

I started reading about clean eating and it just made SO MUCH DAMN SENSE. I boxed up the canned soup, the energy bars, the low-fat stuff, the boxes of “healthy” cereal and crackers and anything else in the cupboard with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and donated it all to the food bank. I started cooking big batches of chili and soup for the week every Sunday so I wasn’t tempted to eat out so much during the week.

Fast forward several months. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I’ve gotten better at the food thing. I’ve lost some weight and have so much more energy. I sleep better and wake up early every morning, ready to get going. I’m not perfect - - I indulge in a cold IPA from time to time and I haven’t dropped gobs of weight, but I know this is something I can sustain and incremental change will come over time.

Secret Weapon - My Community

My Secret Weapon is my Sync Fitness community. These ladies motivate me to be my best every day. I think of them and all their amazing stories constantly while I’m working out. Whenever I feel tired or like I want to quit, I think of a client who has lost 50 lbs or recently run their first marathon or gotten their first push ups on their toes and I’m instantly energized and inspired to give more to my own workout. These ladies have no idea how they lift me up every day. It is humbling and a total honor to walk among them.
— Sara Dean- Owner Sync Fitness

Secret Weapons - My Legs

My Secret Weapons are my legs. They are strong and big and can get me across many miles. And my laugh. It’s disarming and loud.
— Beth Baker, Founder & Chief Running Officer at Running Evolution
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