Secret Weapon - My Trusty Water Bottle

There are three main things that have been my weapons. My number one secret weapon is my trusty favorite water bottle that goes with me to every work out and keeps me hydrated. The newest weapon is my fitbit. I am a list making girl and I love to track my activity through out the day. I added that to my arsenal last summer and have loved how much it has helped me understand my own patterns, in the positive and negative side. I am also super goal orientated and I can set goals using the fit bit. Lastly and importantly it is my wife and kids. My wife leads by example, supports me unconditionally to meet my goals, and is relentless in meeting her own goals in her health. She inspires me daily. Our kids are the daily reminder why living a happy, long, and healthy life is important at every step, not something to think about later!
— Carrie, Mom, Wife & Pediatric Occupational Therapist