Secret Weapon - My Reading Glasses

My secret weapon is my reading glasses. I use them to read food labels, recipes, blogs, magazine articles and Pinterest pins. I read about where sugar is hiding (which is pretty much everywhere, by the way) and how to decipher ingredient lists. I read about the effects that diet soda have on your body and boy! am glad I’ve never been hooked on the stuff. At first I’d spend hours at the grocery store because I was reading every label and laboring over making the best choices. I have read and learned so much over the last several months and it has changed the way I eat and how I feel.
— Jane - NPR Junkie
I turned 50 last year and decided I was fed up with my achy, creaky knees and just generally feeling middle aged and tired. I needed to kick my own ass. I started working with a personal trainer and graduated to boot camp several times a week at SyncFitness. That got me out of my work out rut, but I knew that exercise was only part of the equation and that what I put into my pie hole would be equally if not more important if I wanted to feel better.

I started reading about clean eating and it just made SO MUCH DAMN SENSE. I boxed up the canned soup, the energy bars, the low-fat stuff, the boxes of “healthy” cereal and crackers and anything else in the cupboard with ingredients I couldn’t pronounce and donated it all to the food bank. I started cooking big batches of chili and soup for the week every Sunday so I wasn’t tempted to eat out so much during the week.

Fast forward several months. It’s taken a lot of trial and error, but I’ve gotten better at the food thing. I’ve lost some weight and have so much more energy. I sleep better and wake up early every morning, ready to get going. I’m not perfect - - I indulge in a cold IPA from time to time and I haven’t dropped gobs of weight, but I know this is something I can sustain and incremental change will come over time.