Secret Weapon - Ego, Feeling Good and Patience

Three years ago is when my journey started. For me my secret weapon is composed of ego, feeling good and being patient. Going to the gym can be an ego thing and being judged is what I feared the most but I was only judging myself. Weight loss does not teach you how to deal with your real battles you have to do that on your own. I wanted to prove everyone wrong and that I could do it, when all along I needed to believe in myself and believe it that I could do it. After finding an exercise routine I liked and learning I could do it and feel good that kept pushing me for more.

These days, after suffering a head injury my new secret weapon is patience. Patience with myself, everyday life, slowing down, being mindful to myself. I know with patience to recovery and getting back to “where I use to be” will take time.. It won’t happen overnight like my weight loss or my strides in yoga or running my first 5k. I have to be patience and know its not a race. I am already here.
— Rita - Yogi, sister, daughter and giver